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Time:09:25 pm
i just made out with a really hot 32 year old. haha im so stoked.

and now im at rct, giving freeman a copy of "you are the quarry."

party hard.
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Time:04:26 pm
remember when wes was my "boyfriend"... and he used to call and text me all the time? and i gave him tons of opportunities to not be my boyfriend??? yeah, well- he is no longer my bf. i don't think he ever was. i met the girl he said took him to the banditos x-mas party. the one he said he never hooked up with. kelly. yeah, she's hot. and she and wes pumped- alot. and they went to a bunch of parties together. why would wes lie about such a hot girl!? and say she was "stalkerish"??? seriously, this girl is way cute. what the fuck is his problem? i saw the messages he sent her. she saw some of the ones he sent me. he played us both. at least i hooked up with diamond dave, thus "technically" cheating on wes. no regrets. oh yeah, i told wes he was a richmond novelty... which is very true. it's not like i was dating him to watch arnold movies and write journals in old english. yeah!

mark and i "hung out" in his car the other night... it's safe to say his new car is named after me. some boys never change.

i was asked to attend c & l's batchelor/ ette party sunday night. they paid me 1 bill to wear a bikini and spin the wheel at sticky rice's trivia night. beau and sarah were there. kelly was there. (wes') kelly was there. brent, (not so) fatty, local market, hot boy ryan, hunter, everyone in richmond was there. and we were so wasted. i finally rolled into bed 10am-ish. niiiice.

jessika and i got our knuckles tattooed last night. her knuckles read "hold fast" and mine read "ca$h only". i also just finished getting my left arm worked on.

i'm now a velvet whore. yep.

???MYSTERY H804 BOY????
some really hot boy slept over last night.

arielle has moved back to the beach bc 1) i didn't give her enough attention at her b-day party, 2) she hates rva, and 3) needs to take care of her parents and her mental hospital attendee of a best friend.

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Time:03:19 pm
i don't have a computer anymore so i never check this.

i don't have a computer bc arielle moved out. good riddance.

i'm going on cbr6... in costa rica!!!

then to st. john's for 3 months with erica.

and warped tour is somewhere in the middle.

melanie, please come visit. or at least write back.

wes is not my bf. diamond dave isn't either.

i'm "featuring" at sticky this sunday... getting paid 1 bill to hang out is tight.

roxxxy is my new bf.
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Time:10:28 pm
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Time:12:44 am
diamond dave is great. he said i can be diamond diana. tight.
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Subject:this was cute
Time:05:13 pm
adam twenty two: be the peg to my al bundy.
HeidiFleissIsGOD: awww thats so romantic
adam twenty two: im really good at htat kind of stuff

ps- i need a job for real
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Current Music:dan on speakerphone
Subject:last night at acapella (was really, really cool)
Time:02:53 pm
Current Mood:sooo tight!
arielle was super wasted last night and when she woke up this morning, she didn't remember a damn thing about what had happened 10hrs. prior. here are a few of the highlights:

* arielle asked mark avery if he wanted to have a foursome with the 2 of us and helen.

* arielle stradled (sp? i'm retarded) a random girl on the bar, and took body shots off of her.

* the girl then took sloppy body shots off of arielle, and poured booze on her... stuff.

* helen was pissed bc she was remembering how wes cheated on her when they were dating.

* arielle showed everyone her striped thong.

* the girl who was hanging out with gwomper wanted arielle DEAD.

* after watching arielle lay on the bar, and random guy suggested to james that he "include a stripper pole inside acapella."

* arielle showed james and will her hood piercings.

* we told ezek that arielle was getting married.

* arielle tried to get mark to "hang out" at the apt.

* arielle tried to get james to "hang out" at the apt.

* we hung out with big matt for a while.

* we listened to pet sounds and then some.

* arielle sat on the bar and spread her legs over her head.

seriously. who needs entertainment when you have arielle as yur best friend?! i love her (times 10).

diamond dave and a bunch of other boys are coming over tomorrow morning to chill hard. (2 girls. 800 boys. tight. i'm into it.)

i can't wait till arielle's south of the border wedding.

arielle told her dad she was dropping out of school today. arnold was not pleased.

sean b. e-mailed me about our spring break la trip. i'm not sure i can go, bc i want to be able to bring at least 2,000... help!

it's supposed to snow tonight. brrrrr

i want to shop hard so bad, but i need this vacation.

i never hear the gossip anymore. i'm a hermit hardcore.

talked to narci today. he's in norway and he'll be back in the states (la) on march 10th. on the 15th, he'll be in tx for sxsw, which sucks, bc that's when i'm supposed to be in la. ugh. i miss him-

i found some cool fliers at my mom's house today... old st. ed's stuff (fun size, wardance orange, ultimate dragons, etc.), a ton of rch stuff (where hotrod circuit and midtown opened for them), some twisters/ 929 stuff (madball, terror, 25 ta life, fata, etc.)

arts n crafts day with boom boom was amazing!!!! viva las vegas!

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Current Music:cock sparrer
Subject:my bf is still wack, however i have an out of state guest in 48 hrs.
Time:12:51 pm
Current Mood:awakeawake
my boyfriend told me that he'd try to be "more tight." have i noticed a difference in the past 24 hours??? nope. is he probably text messaging 100 girls, telling them how they'd love s.d? probably. why do i put up with this???

last night arielle and i concluded our 48 hours of "bro-ing down." we had already seen goldfinger (try to) rock out the 9:30 club, bought matching rugs at urban outfitters (my rug has a pony. her rug has a kitty.), hung out at rct ALL frickin DAY... so... we needed more stuff to consume our time. after little to no thought, we decided to get our hoods pierced. i ended up getting two horizontal hood piercings (extra bling, ya heard?) and she just got one. then we ate at banditos, where i tried to scope out the girl who likes my bf (maybe he likes her too?), and went home. oh yeah, somewhere in there, we went to target to buy some zantrex 3 so be can grow up to be like mrs. federline. britney spears is such a trashy ho and we love it!

jinx and i are going to the vet in an hour. i bet he's soooo stoked (yeah right).

boom boom and i are supposed to hang out for the remainder of the day. and then tonite, big matt and some other people are meeting me at acapella to check out my future ex-husband, james.

diamond dave is coming over thursday.

we're not sure about our l.a. b-day party. i think i'd rather have the trashy pirate sweatsuit and a pair of black and red tony trujillo tnt's.

here's a preview of stuff i want for my b-day (since it's around the corner, and all):

a not wack bf** the inside-out air force 1s in obsidian** lloyd banks cd**
wolfpack decks** the bratz sticky rice** juicy "punk couture" socks**
stilla's pussycat dolls collection** my bf to stop being gay** a digital camera**
a vacation OUT OF STATE** strawberry cake from jean jaques** janine

oh yeah, i also want some pink snakeskin BAPES

holla at cha girllll...

tcb pe4
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Subject:tat- toos!
Time:08:46 pm
Current Mood:sad bc my bf is wack
i got my left arm sleeve worked on today... i got a bowling pin with bat wings. it's hard as hell. hopefully, my arm will be full by mid-march.
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Current Music:bayside! bayside! bayside! bayside! bayside!
Subject:just so you know-
Time:06:13 pm
sentate bon air skate jam starring me, adam barker, will thompson and ...?...

bring out your k2 backyard bobs, velcro up your pawn wrist guards, wear your arlo eisenberg/ blake thomas/ randy spizer/ jon julio/ etc. t shirt and SKATE IT UP!!! yeah!

we don't have a set date, so if you wanna join in, just call one of us.

oh lord, i can't wait! i'm gunna be just like good ol fabiola da silva!
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