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Time:04:26 pm
remember when wes was my "boyfriend"... and he used to call and text me all the time? and i gave him tons of opportunities to not be my boyfriend??? yeah, well- he is no longer my bf. i don't think he ever was. i met the girl he said took him to the banditos x-mas party. the one he said he never hooked up with. kelly. yeah, she's hot. and she and wes pumped- alot. and they went to a bunch of parties together. why would wes lie about such a hot girl!? and say she was "stalkerish"??? seriously, this girl is way cute. what the fuck is his problem? i saw the messages he sent her. she saw some of the ones he sent me. he played us both. at least i hooked up with diamond dave, thus "technically" cheating on wes. no regrets. oh yeah, i told wes he was a richmond novelty... which is very true. it's not like i was dating him to watch arnold movies and write journals in old english. yeah!

mark and i "hung out" in his car the other night... it's safe to say his new car is named after me. some boys never change.

i was asked to attend c & l's batchelor/ ette party sunday night. they paid me 1 bill to wear a bikini and spin the wheel at sticky rice's trivia night. beau and sarah were there. kelly was there. (wes') kelly was there. brent, (not so) fatty, local market, hot boy ryan, hunter, everyone in richmond was there. and we were so wasted. i finally rolled into bed 10am-ish. niiiice.

jessika and i got our knuckles tattooed last night. her knuckles read "hold fast" and mine read "ca$h only". i also just finished getting my left arm worked on.

i'm now a velvet whore. yep.

???MYSTERY H804 BOY????
some really hot boy slept over last night.

arielle has moved back to the beach bc 1) i didn't give her enough attention at her b-day party, 2) she hates rva, and 3) needs to take care of her parents and her mental hospital attendee of a best friend.

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Time:2005-04-10 01:26 am (UTC)
velvet is ... eeeeeh so-so. but i get to drop in and out wheneva so that's tight.

call me, niggies!
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[icon] GOSSIP!!!! - Shop HARD
View:Recent Entries.